About Us

The San Joaquin Delta College CalWORKs Program is committed to helping students achieve success in their education, careers and personal lives by referring them to campus programs and community agencies. Over 19 years ago the San Joaquin Delta College CalWORKs Program, working with a small leaflet of community agency names and phone numbers, recognized the need for a comprehensive directory of all of the resources available within San Joaquin County. The staff members of the CalWORKs Program at San Joaquin Delta College set out searching the county for any and all non-profit agencies, organizations and programs that provide services to individuals in need. The Community Connections Resource Directory was born. Since that time, the Directory has grown to over 730 programs. It is updated annually, over a period of five to six months, and while the time and cost involved is tremendous, it is truly a labor of love, because we understand the extreme benefit to our students, and the community at large.

Within the last decade, the San Joaquin County Local Child Care Planning Council (Council for Quality Education & Care of Children) also recognized the importance of the Directory, and chose to partner with the San Joaquin Delta College CalWORKs Program in the annual update of the Community Connections Resource Directory. More recently, the San Joaquin County Children’s Services Coordinating Commission also became a valued sponsor of the Directory. These partners have made it possible to continue with our annual update efforts and helped make the Directory more widely available.

It has always been a goal and our hope to see the Directory become available to everyone in San Joaquin County. We know the enormous need for this Directory in our county and how valuable it is to those that have it and use it. We are very excited for this next phase and the future of Community Connections.

The following deserve special thanks:

All of the valuable San Joaquin County organizations, agencies and programs who provide current and detailed information about their services for inclusion in COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS - A Resource Directory for San Joaquin County.

The San Joaquin Delta College CalWORKs Program, whose staff members carefully gather, edit and organize information.

The following organizations have generously donated their financial or in-kind resources to COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS. These resources have been utilized to offset printing and other costs associated with the creation, publication and dissemination of the hard copy Directory, as well as the online Directory. Their contributions are sincerely appreciated.

San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC) CalWORKs Program

This program is run entirely by employees of the college. It is designed to provide support and encouragement to CalWORKs participants / TANF recipients to allow them to reach their educational and career goals. Services provided include:

  • Resources and workshops on transportation, housing, finances and money management, legal issues, child care and parenting, learning differences, and conflict resolution
  • Needs inventory and referrals
  • Job Specific Basic Skills and Supervised Study Time
  • Work-study opportunities
  • Help with the SJDC application process, fee waivers and filing for financial aid
  • Priority registration, assistance with planning class schedules for each semester and course enrollment

Please contact SJDC CalWORKs at (209) 954-5151 ext. 6209 for additional information.


CQECC is dedicated to ensuring that high quality child care is affordable and accessible to children of all ages; parents have the information and skills needed to make sound choices and decisions about their child’s care; and that community members collaborate to accomplish and maintain this child care vision for its children. Visit the CQECC website.

San Joaquin County Children’s Services Coordinating Commission

The Children’s Services Coordinating Commission was founded to facilitate the development of happy, healthy children by maximizing resources through advocacy, effective education, coordination and planning of services for all children. The Commission and its members also promote public awareness of the abuse and neglect of children and the resources available for intervention and treatment.