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The mission of Delta Sculling Center is to support everyone, no matter what motivation brings them to the center to become more fit, regain/improve health, find a new sport, enjoy the Delta, train for competition, improve their sculling technique, or find an adaptive sport.

The following programs are offered at Delta Sculling Center (DSC):

  • DSC OarBusters program is one of just eleven adaptive rowing programs on the West Coast and is sanctioned and supported by US Rowing. It serves people with PTSD, brain injury, physical disabilities, and neurological issues. It allows participants to improve health, be social and find new ways to be active or rehabilitate. The Center leads bi-weekly coached adaptive workouts using indoor rowing machines (ergometers or "ergs"). They also have the appropriate equipment for rowers who can use only their arms and backs to row. Their intention is to exclude no one and include everyone.
  • Delta Heroes Team, comprised of disabled veterans and active duty military, is part of US Rowing’s Freedom Rows initiative. While some of the disabled veterans have physical challenges, others are “able-bodied” but struggle with emotional, psychological, and cognitive difficulties resulting from their military service. DSC supports a team of military to compete in Concept2’s Military Challenge each February. Veterans and active duty military are invited to land row at DSC, each submitting their meters rowed for credit to their division or branch of the military. DSC is also allied with a program of the Palo Alto Health Care System to include sculling in individual rehabilitation plans for injured veterans.
  • Girls Row Stockton is their youth team for girls ages 12 to 16, including those living in underserved communities in Stockton. Full/partial tuition assistance with transportation is offered for those who qualify. This is part of US Rowing’s “America Rows Program” – a diversity in rowing initiative. America Rows’s mission is to increase opportunities in rowing, highlighting its advantages for underrepresented youth.
  • DSC offers adult private and semi-private lessons. This program is for those who are new to rowing and prefer private (one-on-one) or semi-private instruction.
Vary depending on program.
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